Impact to Business

The world wants your business / Government to save green and grow green by Going Green.
  • | Competitive edge within the enviro-conscious
  • | Positive PR to increase your visibility and customer base
  • | More constructive relationship
  • | Access to international conferences/meetings
  • | Streamlined efficiency to reduce costs
  • | Improved employee motivation and productivity

Other Benefits

  • | 55% of consumers actively seek out eco-labels when making purchasing decisions
    * Green certification will sway their decision in your favor.
  • | 50% of consumers express over “Green” claims
    * Green ICT standard’s certification can afford those concerns and increase sales.
  • | When consumers can do a side-by-side comparison between products and services, they are twice as likely to choose the Greener version.
    Stand out from the competition by becoming Green certified

Become green certified and you gain a sustainable advantage – leaving your competition behind.
Get Green certified today and see the marketing advantages it can bring you