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Green-IT governance and strategy

ޠUnderstand why an organization implements green initiatives;
ޠIdentify and understand internal and external drivers for implementing sustainable business;
ޠAppreciate the various levels within an organization that such initiatives may impact;
ޠUnderstand why and how strategy and governance are essential to Green-IT.
Practical implementation of a Green-IT strategy and governance

  • Define and implement the Green-IT strategy roadmap and green key performance indicators (KPIs);
  • Prepare organizations to mitigate risks of penalties in case of non-conformance with regulations;
  • Understand how progress towards sustainable business can be continuously measured;
  • Understand a practical framework that helps organizations to align their Green IT initiatives with corporate level social responsibility initiatives;
  • Use a specific tool to support the set up and follow-up of Green-IT initiatives

Becoming a Certified Green Business, means you will:

ޠEnhance your image
ޠImprove your reputation with current customers
ޠAttract new customers
ޠReduce operational cost
ޠBetter employee relations
ޠDifferentiating your business from your competitors
ޠDemonstrate to the world you are an environmentally aware company

    " The IFGICT term no longer in use as reference of standard and it has been replaced officially by IFG Green ICT Standard "

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