Green IT & Gov

Green-IT governance and strategy

Þ Understand why an organization implements green initiatives;
Þ Identify and understand internal and external drivers for implementing sustainable business;
Þ Appreciate the various levels within an organization that such initiatives may impact;
Þ Understand why and how strategy and governance are essential to Green-IT.

Practical implementation of a Green-IT strategy and governance
  • Define and implement the Green-IT strategy roadmap and green key performance indicators (KPIs);
  • Prepare organizations to mitigate risks of penalties in case of non-conformance with regulations;
  • Understand how progress towards sustainable business can be continuously measured;
  • Understand a practical framework that helps organizations to align their Green IT initiatives with corporate level social responsibility initiatives;
  • Use a specific tool to support the set up and follow-up of Green-IT initiatives

Becoming a Certified Green Business, means you will:

Þ Enhance your image
Þ Improve your reputation with current customers
Þ Attract new customers
Þ Reduce operational cost
Þ Better employee relations
Þ Differentiating your business from your competitors
Þ Demonstrate to the world you are an environmentally aware company