Green-ict lecturing in an Academy|9/3/2016

The Jonkoping International Business School (a Sweden Business School) contacted Green-ict to set up a workshop dedicated to Green-ict. For obvious Green reasons, Tanguy could not move to Sweden and produce tons of GHGs; ... contacts were taken via Mail, arrangements made via Skype and the lecture i

IBM SmartCity|10/2/2016

Watch IBM Smart City

IFG shall launch IFG Proceeding |10/2/2016

The IFG ICT shall proceed late Q4 in 2014 , Conference proceedings for Green Business

A holistic approach to energy management|2/2/2016

Environmental regulations, rising energy costs, expanding datacenters�these are a few of the challenges driving the need for energy efficient, sustainable infrastructures. Building a green infrastructure requires new focus, a holistic approach to your entire infrastructure, not just your IT equipmen

Green ICT Announce nomination|10/2/2016

Nomination for new version of Green ICT Standard

IFGICT into Schools|13/4/2016

International Federation of Green ICT is now among an elite group of schools in 46 U.S. states, Canada, Asia, Mexico, Europe and Africa that are pioneers in creating environmentally responsible campuses.