The environmental impacts come in much the same way the impacts come from any equipment - manufacture, use and disposal. Green IT has specific challenges in all the areas of:

  • · How the materials in ICT equipment are mined/produced
  • · The conditions in which they are manufactured and the energy in this process
  • · The transport of them to consumers
  • · The energy required in the usage of them
  • · The disposal of them at the end of their life time

Green IT is concerned with all these effects. We want to minimize the negative effects by encouraging equipment that:

  • · Is sustainably produced
  • · Lasts longer
  • · Wastes less energy
  • · Is used in an efficient way
  • · Is disposed of responsibly.

  • Green IT goes beyond purchasing and usage though into how IT can be used to lessen other aspects of our environmental impact. Ultimately the concept of Green IT touches all our lives and brings together two great themes concerning the future of our current world, technology and the environment. Global action plan is a practical environmental charity and has been helping businesses reduce their environmental footprint since 1992. We run a range of flexible green IT programs for companies of all sizes, focused on reducing the environmental footprint of their computing infrastructure, while saving costs, improving process and maximizing efficiency.